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As a consultant in the area of corporate communications, Manny specializes in helping personnel enhance their interactive skills for optimum communication of their policies in order to create a more team-oriented and productive workplace. He is particularly skilled in utilizing humor as the primary instructional tool. In fact, studies show that presentations utilizing humor increase curriculum retention by 60-80 percent. All seminars allow for substantive interaction between presenter and participants and among the participants themselves. These workshops provide a safe and relaxed atmosphere that allows for positive, on-message discussion. As a result, these unique training opportunities translate into a more productive workplace.

In today’s corporate environment, the need to relieve stress is more important than ever. These workshops are designed to aid associates in stress management.

Here are some corporate training workshops to choose from:

“Have some fun and get it done!”
Humor in the workplace creates a comfort level for most people. This session covers use of appropriate and inappropriate humor with special emphasis on race relations and sexual harassment. Participants will learn to create a more productive workplace by tapping into the natural humor we see in everyday life.
(Course time: Up to 3 hours)

“They’re different just like me!”
This course is designed to educate personnel on the cultural differences in today’s pluralistic work place. It emphasizes the similarities among working personnel as a basis for creating tolerance for cultural differences and teaches participants how to harness the resources a diverse workplace offers. The seminar promotes frank and open discussion among participants and allows personnel to articulate the reasons for certain cultural intolerance.
(Course time: Up to 3 hours)

“My kids and dog loved it!”
Know your audience! What works at home may not work with your colleagues and superiors. This course is designed to train personnel to make small and large group presentations and speeches. It can be tailored to the individual or the group and addresses specific communications techniques. Participants will explore the elements of public speaking and will learn how to enhance the non-audiovisual aspects of their presentations.
(Course time: Up to 3 hours)
(Private consultation for speech writing and presentation development is also available)

“I thought I was the smartest one!”
Maybe not! Allowing personnel to voice their opinions is often in the best interest of the company. This session allows personnel to communicate, without negative recourse, their ideas to management to whom they normally have limited access. Such forums, moderated by a neutral party, enhance morale by allowing personnel to share what they have learned on the job in order to improve the organization and increase productivity.
(Forum time: Up to 3 hours)

“Working at the gap”
Today’s workplace provides new challenges. Many people must work to more advanced ages alongside a younger, more technologically savvy generation. This results in impatience that can impede workers’ performance. This workshop is designed to bridge the gap between younger and older personnel by offering a new perspective on the benefits of intergenerational experiences. By taking a humorous approach, the goal of this interactive session is to show that the young and the old possess wisdom. By the end of the session participants will transform frustrations into friendships.
(Course time: Up to 3 hours)

“Seeing the solution”
Actors will perform real case scenarios for the purpose of training personnel in troubleshooting and in finding solutions to dealing with existing conflict. Seminar attendees will direct the actors to recreate circumstances in order to explore alternative solutions with a new degree of objectivity. This format also allows personnel to test new policies and examine potential outcomes.(Course time: Up to 3 hours)

“You may be tired but I’m sick!”
The doctor isn’t always in, figuratively speaking. Designed for the healthcare industry, this course explores bedside manner and patient care. The primary objective is to educate healthcare professionals in the effectiveness of humor in relieving patient anxiety and creating a greater sense of well-being.
(Course time: Up to 3 hours)

All training sessions & seminars are client specific and require research and development for optimum effectiveness.

An additional interactive session is available for all courses.
Private coaching is available for presentations, speech writing and public speaking.

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