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When laughter subsides our blood pressure is lowered, heart rate slowed, muscles relaxed and we have a sense of well being.


Releases hormones from the pituitary gland
Modifies pain
Exercises the lungs
Enhances digestion
Causes the heart to pump faster
Turn on the lachrymal glands
Cause a gain of muscle tone
Works the abs
Massages the thorax, liver and diaphragm
Aerate capillaries
Stimulate T cells


Makes a point
Creates a positive mental effect
Eases emotional pain and distress of illness
Helps reframe a distressful event
Stimulates (creative) right side of the brain
Enhances coping skills

Frees us from the confines of our body
Helps us refocus on the total self
Makes us whole

Creates a common bond
Alleviates interactive tension
Breaks down barriers


The value of laughter cannot be counted.


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